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Article 2013


Budget Hotel in Rudrapur makes your stay more joyful

The Indian state of Uttarakhand has always been a centre of attraction for both Indian and foreign tourists. This small state is world-renowned for hill stations and offers all that you want for an escape from your daily burdensome life. What you enjoy here is unique closeness to nature. The tourists from the round the year visit various cities and towns of the state and make their stay in the hotels like Sobti Continental that is currently the most happening hotel in the entire North India.

Nainital, the world-renowned hill station of India is situated at the northern end of the Kumaun Valley in the state. It has always been an ideal getaway for tourists from India and abroad to get relief from intense heat of the plains. A land with a long and deep historical past, it's a favorite choice of many Indian and international travelers. There are various tourist places in India but Nainital has no rival. A wide choice of budget hotels in the city simply makes the stay of visitors an affordable opportunity to enjoy life to the last core of possibilities. The city of Rudrapur falls on the way to Nainital and most of the tourists decide to make their stay in Rudrapur's most economic hotel, the Sobti Continental.

Replete with the inexpressible beauty of hills, the state of Uttarakhand is magical and perfect place for romance and adventure. Honeymooning couples huddle close for warmth and intimacy; children, invigorated by the cool mountain air, prance gaily; young adventurers head out in search of heart-stopping thrills; locals, in colourful mountain gait, shuffle to work. Slowly, as the chilled air permeates the senses, you succumb to the magic of the mountains. What you need to make your trips more joyful is a hotel that boasts of exemplary hospitality and unrivalled service. Sobti Continental Rudrapur is an ideal choice for the tourists of all segments. This is the only hotel that brings you the most memorable experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

The best time to visit the state may be any time throughout the year. If you are planning to visit this hill state as a well-calculated move, then the best timings are April–June and September–December. The months of July and August are best avoided due to rainfall and landslides. You could also choose a season depending on what you'd like to do here. In general, if you're looking for snow, winter months are the best. Summer months are better for sight-seeing, trekking, mountain climbing and other activities.